Why Liver Supplements Are Needed

Why Liver Supplements Are Needed

Our liver is the chemical factory in our body that produces nearly 500 chemicals. It produces and releases each chemical according to the specific requirement of the body at the exact time. It is biggest internal organ and is the seat of intelligence in the body. That is why when, sometimes, babies are born with jaundice (in these days of hyper medication and hospitalization), some novice doctor might say,

“… there is a chance of your baby becoming mentally retarded.”

Luckily, the liver has an immense capability of revival and rejuvenation. This is recognized in Ayurveda. While almost all allopathic medications are toxic to the liver, Ayurveda starts the treatment by reviving and detoxifying the liver in most chronic conditions.

Here are some of the reasons why I suggest taking of liver supplements to many people, to improve functioning of their liver.

Digestion A good liver improves digestion and efficiently eliminates wastes and toxins from our body.

Muscular system and heart  The liver is responsible for the strength of our muscular system. Liver directly supports our heart. Our heart is a muscle and our liver energises it directly through a set of special vascular capillaries in the event of a crisis to the heart.

“No liver, no legs” is old saying.  A strong liver gives us strong legs. More often than not, the liver is abused and weakened by overeating, eating of fried and oily food, taking excessive coffee, tea and alcohol. Frequents bouts of anger also affects the liver greatly. All these weaken the legs which begins as weakness in the calf muscles.

Refined oil – true villain

These days, most people use refined oil for cooking, being impressed by the heavy advertisement showing film actors. Just think, why would companied spend lakhs of rupees on advertising for an essential thing of everyday use? Because that product is essentially bad for your health and you will not choose it,  if you were in your right senses. So the film star appears and pile of attractive looking fried food, to dumb your mind.

Refined is extremely bad for your liver and nervous system. I have seen many young people, born after the families have switched to refined oil, with serious health issues that were unknown for that age before the introduction of refined oil. Our government has successfully killed our atmanirbhar  oil industry in which wholesome and healthy oil was produced by small oil mills or even farmers’ homes.

When I scan people while healing, I immediately know if they are using refined oil or healthy oil for cooking. I have been able to persuade many to switch over to healthy and wholesome oil and their health has seen improvement

Using wholesome, unrefined oil is essential for the health of our liver and nervous system. So are ghee and drinking hot water.

Eyes  Our eyes are energized by our liver. Children’s eyes are affected as much by use of refined oil as watching TV or phone. Earlier, in the villages, I used to notice how bright the eyes of children and young people looked. Today, the incidence of squint and eye defects is very high in young people of the working class, thanks to refined oil and non-availability of healthy oil.

Heart  A friend of mine has done a study in Chennai that indicates a noticeable increase in heart ailments and introduction of refined oil in the market and disappearance of wholesome oil. When anyone has diabetes and /or heart ailment, taking liver supplements will make a marked change in their health.

Healthy Colon  Our large intestine or colon is the first organ in our body to deteriorate of degenerate. This happens due accumulation of waste and toxins in the colon. This causes a host of symptoms and acute discomfort. Many skin problems are also due to poor colon functioning. That is why, among the highest sales of across the counter ‘medicines’, are laxatives and purgatives. Many of these could be harmful or lose their efficacy, when used over long period of time. A healthy and strong liver will keep your large intestine clean. To some extent, it can also clean up your lungs.

Ghastly pollution. A friend of mine, from Mysore, asked me once, “..how can live in that gas chamber (of Bangalore). Bangalore has the third highest polluted city in the world. Because our body is very resilient, it continues to fight and survive, though struggling. The over-stimulated mind keeps making up for it, somewhat. Pollution takes a toll on our health, affecting our liver, heart and lungs apart from our eyes, ears (noise), nose and skin. A strong liver is necessary to clean up the effect of the pollution on our body.

If we had bright sunshine everyday and had the time to sit in the sun for a few hours, our liver would produce the Vitamin D our bones need. We are deprived of that too.

Lastly, strong liver improves immunity.

Though young people, between puberty and forty should not need liver supplements, for all the above reasons, many of them too require such supplements. For some, it could be a seasonal need.


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