Refined Cooking Oil-What Does it do to us?

Refined Cooking Oil-What Does it do to us?

You must have heard of ‘virgin oil’ that all health-conscious people talk about. Refined cooking oil is the exact opposite of virgin oil. Ayurveda says that our food should primarily be warm, sticky with some oil or fat. (usna, snigdha and sneha) Regular intake of good quality fat is very important for our health.

Ayurveda talks about various “digestive fires” in our body that digest and assimilate what we eat, giving us energy and vitality. In addition, these also give luster to our skin, light or shine in our eyes, warmth to our body besides many other things. For all these, we need to take a good, wholesome (like virgin) oil, ghee and butter. These ‘fires’ get dim as we age. That is why people above 70 are advised to take more ghee and butter to keep their nervous system healthy. Refined oil does not help maintain these ‘fires’. You try to light a lamp with refined oil. It does not burn.

Refined oil is not digested by our body. Just like white flour and refined sugar, it is unhealthy, even harmful. It affects our nervous system, heart, liver and eyes in particular. A study even saw large scale increase in the incidence of heart disease and diabetes etc. when people switched over from traditional cold-pressed oil from to refined oil as their cooking medium.


The good edible oil is heated to about 700 degrees Celsius and it is washed with acids to remove its color, aroma and greasiness (the reason why we need to eat oil is for its greasiness). This makes it colorless and odorless so that you do not know when it is too old to be used. Because of its long shelf life, shops and manufacturing companies prefer it.

Some 30 years ago, American doctors thought refined oil and margarine were better for the health of our heart. So they told people to use refined oil and not to eat butter. Many people in India gave up having ghee which Ayurveda considers Amrita. A few years ago American doctors declared that there was no relation between heart’s health and taking refined oil and avoiding butter. So they asked people to have butter and eggs, as before. But an entire generation’s health had been compromised.

The American oil industry and doctors had also demonized coconut oil as high in “cholesterol”. This was also to push their soya and sunflower oils into our market. Now many Americans are raving over coconut oil, taking virgin coconut oil everyday saying it keeps away many degenerative diseases, from Alzheimar’s to cancer to Parkinson’s disease, dementia etc. As our doctors are usually not updated about all the developments, they continue to recommend refined oil.

As a healer, I find a lot of gaps in the aura, particularly in the head region, while healing young people and children of this generation that has grown up in families using refined oil for cooking. They have various problems- attention deficiency, restlessness, problems with eyes, digestion, low stress tolerance etc. I have been able to convince most such people to switch over to good, wholesome, cold-pressed oil. Over some time, marked improvement is seen in their health.


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