Pranic Psychotherapy– How Does it Work?

Pranic Psychotherapy– How Does it Work?

There are two principles working in Pranic healing:

That our body has an innate ability to heal itself; and The healer facilitates such healing by clearing the blocks in our energy body or aura and activating the chakras and giving energy where necessary and balancing the aura. Pranic psychotherapy is healing of psychological and emotional issues. While that is done, their effect on the physical body are also healed. A common example is healing of stress. The second category is healing of addictions.

The understanding behind this is that we have or create certain patterns through our thinking and behaviour. These patterns gradually become like our second nature. Every thought is and has energy. We carry both positive and negative thoughts. These create patterns in our aura. Our energy body links our body and mind. It affects as well is affected by our mind and body mutually.

Take for example, anger. When we get angry our breathing becomes shallow and fast, there may be some trembling in hand or leg, uneasy feeling in the pit of the stomach and the mind loses clarity. Fear may also produce some of these symptoms. Not everyone may have all these reactions every time. It will depend on the intensity of the emotion.

Gradually, over time, anger or fear becomes the person’s characteristic. In such a case, the energy body will show blobs of anger or fear sitting in the aura. These patterns (or blobs) drive the person’s behaviour. Take the example of a person who gets mad or reacts with excessive anger at a small provocation. When the incident calls for one Unit of anger, s/he reacts with ten units of anger. In this case, the nine units of anger come from the accumulated anger in her/his aura.

Road rage is a good example. The person has collected so much anger energy that he doesn’t care where he is, what he is doing and what others around might think of him. There is similar accumulation even in the case of fear or grief energies.

What Pranic Psychotherapy does

During Psychotherapy the healer cleans up the anger or fear energy as well as clears up the pattern in the aura. Once this is done the person will not react disproportionately to an incident or provocation. Emotions have their specific organ and chakra where they tend to go and sit. They will be cleansed out and balanced during healing.

Pent up emotions typically cause accumulation of stress in our chakras and organs making them to malfunction. Through clearing up of such stress, the body part or organ can be helped to return to health.


Addictions stand on a slightly different ground. The patterns of drinking, smoking or taking of drugs create a craving and dependency in the body to those substances/ chemicals. When the body is denied the substance, there are severe ‘withdrawal symptoms’. Vital organs like lungs and liver could be seriously affected. In this case, Pranic healing can help only after the person has decided to give up the addictive substance. The powerful techniques of Pranic healing can then clean up the organs affected, reduce the body’s craving and support the person stay away from the substance.

Pranic Psychotherapy is also used to heal anxiety and phobias.


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