Pain is your friend

Pain is your friend

All of us would have met someone who would say,

“Oh, I have a headache. That means I must eat.” The person eats and the ache is gone. It is the same with stomach ache or whatever discomfort you have, the moment you eat, it is gone.

The ache is a symptom that your body that has some energy free, is trying to clean up unwanted things or toxins from in your body. The moment you eat, that energy is sent to your stomach for digestion and the cleaning up is stopped. The toxins or waste goes and sits in your weak organ in the body. The toxin has gone deeper into your body causing a chronic problem. You are happy, thinking that your ache is gone. This is one kind of pain when you ignore its warning.

Anyone who has had fall or a fracture or some big injury, would know that the moment when the injury happens, you feel no pain. But soon after, the body begins its repair work and pain begins to bother you. When your body is overloaded with toxins, nature gives your body a fever and ache throughout your body to clean up the toxins. Younger and stronger people get high fever and older and weaker people get low fever. You ache all over, have no energy and no appetite. Nature is telling you to take rest, eat light liquid food if and when you are hungry.

But most people don’t want to do that. They pop in some pills, eat as usual and go to work. This pushes the toxins in and gives you a chronic problem like a flu or digestive problems. The fever which could have cleaned up our inside, like no one else can, is violently pushed aside and we go no with our “busy”ness.

Fasting, the ultimate cure

I used to go to an ashram where people with all kinds of ailments would come and fast for 3-6 days. We were all required to stop our medications. The first day, everyone would feel very uncomfortable and have all kinds of aches which were coffee and food withdrawal symptoms. Some would even cry. We stayed in our huts, in silence. We could sleep as much as we pleased. After three days, we would have some fruits or soup or juice. Later we had house meetings where everyone talked about how light and happy they felt with no pains of any kind, after the second day’s fast.

In the ashram, we were told not to eat when we had any kind of pains etc. and wait till it was gone and we felt hungry to eat. Following this guidance I have been able to get rid of my migraine permanently. In Europe and the US, people would take up fast for 2-3 weeks under the supervision of specialized doctors who were called hygienists. People who had severe injuries or lost some abilities and who the hospitals had turned away, were healed of their problems.

There is another kind of pain that comes to tell you, ‘hey friend, STOP. You are doing something wrong. This happens when you over exert yourself or exercise wrongly or too much. Another common kind of pain comes when you eat something that doesn’t suit. It could be what you ate or the timing or the quantity that you ate. Only you can find out where you have erred after some reflection.

Mental and emotional pains

You could also have mental or emotional pains. This happens when you have suppressed a mental or an emotional issue. It gets somatised or turned into pain in the body. Here too, the pain is your friend, telling you, “Hey pal, resolve that issue. Go to a good healer of a counselor.”

According to Patanjali Yoga, all pain is in the Mental Body or the manomaya kosha. There is some truth in this too because when you sleep and your mind is preoccupied with something more important, you do not feel the pain. It comes back when you wake up or that job is finished. Some pain could be spiritual. This comes when some of your inner aspirations are left unattended to.

Pranic Healing and Pain

Pains are easy to heal in Pranic healing. A good Pranic healer will be able to know which kind of pain it is. Physical pain reduces noticeably during healing. If the pain returns like it was before the healing, it is most likely to be emotional or mental pain which can also be healed by Pranic psychotherapy.

In any case, pay attention to your pain. It is trying to tell you something about yourself. It is only YOU that can make it go or reduce it as the case may be.

“Always treat the cause of the pain, never just the symptom. Then you are on the right path to healing”


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