Liver Supplements

Liver Supplements

Wanted to share some thoughts regarding effect of taking liver supplements and the timing for the same from my experience.

Liver and Mind

Liver is an important chemical factory that produces directly or indirectly some 500 chemicals including enzymes and vitamins. It is also known as the seat of intelligence and thinking, apart from anger. That’s why when the liver is affected by alcohol or anger, people are unable to think or act correctly.

Liver and Body

Coming to the physical aspects (greatness) of the liver, apart from being essential for good digestion, it’s essential for a good nervous system, muscular system and strength of your legs. In addition, your heart is directly energised by your liver.
Depending on the importance of the organ, the body distributes energy in respective proportion when there is a deficit thus depriving the others proportionately.

From Ayurveda we understand that different organs are strong in different seasons and weather conditions. When one is young, healthy and strong (I am implying that none of us is all that) the body adapts to the changes in the weather and other conditions of stress because of this phenomenon. When/if you have recurring problems of health, it means that more than one vital organ are not in their prime health.

Deficit of vital energy (prana) in the heart gives very distressing symptoms. When you have throat/neck problems or lung weakness, there is real acute deficiency of energy in the heart as well. This could be very palpable in most cases.

I believe that boosting the liver energy through Ayurvedic liver supplements, drinking hot water, eating ghee and good fat, (non refined oil) in generous quantities is very good for all the above mentioned problems. When you take liver supplements in association with your meal, digestion improves. But when you need energy for all other functions listed in the third paragraph, it is better to take it independently. You can take it any time of the day.


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