Healing Jewelry

Healing Jewelry

I was sitting, totally preoccupied with an acute toothache, unable to think of anything else. It could have been either the tooth or the gum or both. That hour of the night is awful for toothache, if it appears. Suddenly, I decided to put on a ring on the little finger of that side. Instantly, the toothache vanished as if it was never there. So surprised was I that I pulled off the ring to check if it was true. The pain came back with full force. I put the ring on and pulled it off alternately about seven times to check if it worked in the same way. Every time, it did. It was as though I had the switch for the pain in my hand, in the ring.

I remembered an incident from several years ago, when I had felt very sick and wanted to vomit when travelling in a friend’s car on the highway. I asked for the car to be stopped. By the time the car slowed down and stopped — a matter of two minutes, I had unconsciously pulled out a ring I was wearing. But the time the car stopped, I was fine, the sickness had disappeared completely. At that time, I had not tested like I did with the toothache. But over the last ten years or so, I have tested the effect of many jewelry items on many people. Now I advise people on what to wear and what not to wear.

Recently, my 5-year old grandchild that we were visiting was uncharacteristically weepy and was asking my husband and me not to leave. Very surprised at the unusual behaviour, I examined her carefully and found that the tiny gold earrings that she wore habitually were missing. I put them back on her ears. In about ten minutes she was calm and back to her usual self. After another five minutes, she came and told us, “You can go.”

A couple of years before that, when she was three, she had the strange habit of removing her silver bangles at a particular hour in the morning and after a few hours she would go back and wear them again. Sometimes, she would wear both on one hand. If she did not find her bangles, she would pull out her mother’s and wear them. You could not get her to do differently. I decided to ask her (now that she was articulate enough) how she felt when she wanted to take off her bangles. She responded through action, showing an expression of short breath, kind of gasping.

“Then, when you go back and want to wear the bangles again, how do you feel?” I asked.Her response was again a bodily expression, a tired ‘breathing out’.

My maid was yawning incessantly in the morning. When I asked, she said that she was sleeping poorly in the nights the last few nights. About a week earlier, I had noticed that she had put on an additional toe ring and had told her that such additions could not be done so casually and that they had strong impact. I don’t think she understood what I meant. However, I scanned (dowsed) and told her to remove her anklets when going to bed to get good sleep as before. She followed my suggestion and her sleep problem was solved.

I have solved the sleep problems of many , including myself, with neck or throat problems or asthma, by keeping a small quartz crystal at the neck or hanging a clear quartz mala above the head.

A friend who had kidney stones had benefitted by healing. After some time, she developed some more stones in the kidney. As she was moving out of Bangalore, I suggested to her that she could wear silver anklets that would improve her kidney energy. After a few days of wearing the anklets, she said that the pain in her lower back and abdomen were gone and she felt the kidney stones would go away too. She felt a great ease in the body, like never before, she said. The anklets had increased the energy in her kidneys and its meridians.

A man of about 30 years came for healing for a strange ankle pain. After one or two healings I suspected that his pain was related to the big rudraksha mala that he was wearing.I asked him to take it off which he did. Although his ankle pain reduced, he wanted to wear the mala as it had been given to him by his guru.

Crystals are amazing

Some ten years ago, I used to get a lot of amethyst and Rose quartz pendants and give them to people. I had a young friend who was always breaking into tears. She was to get married and unfortunately, neither her nor the man’s family approved of the marriage. This had made her feel more unsupported and weepy. I gave her a particularly good pendant of Rose quartz to wear. A couple of days later, she called me and said, “Auntie, when I wear this pendant, I feel so happy that I feel like singing, all the time!”

Intuition helps

A niece of mine got a ring made, as suggested by the astrologer for her. A few days later, she called me and said,

“When I wore the ring, as the astrologer had suggested, I felt very weepy all the time. So I changed it to the other hand, and I feel fine now.” The gem she wore was pearl, the one connected with the mind- Moon in astrological terms. Another friend would take away her ring when she felt the onset of depressive feelings. The gem in this case was emerald, the ring that sits on the heart meridian. In both these cases, it was their intuition that helped them.

These days, I see a lot of people wear a ring on the index finger. This is a new trend and they must have been led by their intuition too. Scanning them, I noticed that a ring on that finger generally increased energy flow in the large intestine and pelvic area. Given the increasing sedentary lifestyle they could be having problems arising from weakness in those parts, I guess.

By far the most powerful piece of ordinary or commonly worn jewelry that I have seen are the toe rings. Women are introduced to these at the time of marriage. I think they augment their energy greatly helping them through all the demands on them of child bearing, nursing and rearing and endless domestic chores. My observation is that it boosts nerve energy all over the body. For this reason, I recommend that all women, including widows, to wear them when suitable. And it makes a remarkable difference.

I think wrong jewelry, like wrong yogic practices, can be cause of symptoms like hypertension. I found this to be the case in a patient who was wearing a heavy gold bracelet and a gold choker chain. In another case, it was gold bangles on the both hands.

Although there are many dramatic cases, most cases are where the changes have been gradually incremental, adding greatly to the comfort and quality of life for people. Some problems heal almost permanently.

Channels in a garden

The energy from the various items of jewelry work rather like water channels in a garden, delivering water to various organs, meridians or parts. They supply energy to various organs depending on where they are worn, the particular material they are made of and the other jewelry the person wears. If for some reason, such as an injury or illness, energy flow has to be diverted, the person’s jewelry have would to be changed to facilitate healing energy to flow into the necessary parts.

While appropriate jewelry is source of great comfort in the body and mind as well as heal the person, inappropriate ones can cause acute discomfort and intractable problems in the body and mind.

Four things to bear in mind

There are atleast four aspects to wearing jewelry for healing that one has to bear in mind to benefit and heal oneself.

a) What material is it made of — metal, wood/beads, crystals and threads etc.

b)Whether one should wear it on the right side or left side. Which part of the body, extremities like ears, fingers or toes; upper part of the limbs or the torso. Each of these will have a different effect.

c) Whether some articles are better taken off, either completely or part of the day.

d) Whether the articles, particularly, crystals are etherically clean.

Balance is the key

To benefit and heal from wearing jewelry, their energies have to be balanced with regard to that body. When they are balanced correctly, it is like “When the shoe fits it is forgotten” as the Chinese proverb says.I try to accommodate the person’s preference in suggesting changes in their jewelry whenever possible. Because very appropriate jewelry cannot be found readymade, I make some healing jewelry, primarily earrings and bracelets with crystals or semi- precious stones, appropriate for the person. These have found many happy takers.

Over the last decade, I might have suggested jewelry changes to well over 300 persons. They have been either one suggestion or more than one change, spread over time.

When jewelry is worn simply looks, it can do harm. When one has an inexplicable pain, the culprit could be some piece of jewelry the person is wearing. A fall, an injury, a crisis in life can change the energy balance in the person requiring a change in the jewelry s/he wears.


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