Gradual Growth of Different Modes of Energy Healing

Gradual Growth of Different Modes of Energy Healing

Like anyone who’s learning a new thing, when I started the no-touch healing though my hands were sensitive, interpreting that initially was not easy.

I distinctly remember the first healing that I gave. It was for a person who met with an accident. I was in a village that had a long straight road, passing along. Walking on the road, I saw a friend about quarter of a km away, suddenly buckle and fall. I ran, helped her to sit on to a stone on the side and started healing her. After a few minutes, she was up and walking, as before! I think I just cleansed her aura thoroughly. She spread the word that I knew some miracle vidya and many more from the village came for healing. Everyone went back feeling better.

Many a times, I was healing people that I wouldn’t meet regularly. Of them were relatives, friends, or referral by my friends who were curious about healing. I wanted them to benefit more than a one off-healing. So I started giving people small crystals that they could use. These aimed at getting them to sleep better, feel more energetic, stay calmer, etc… A senior healer who was also a clairvoyant would pick up small stones with high quartz content from the field he owned and gave them to us. I carried one such stone in my pocket and felt very energetic and good. I took to crystals as though I was reconnecting to them from the past.

As I continued healing, back at home, I found people having many more psychological and emotional issues that needed more frequent healing than they could come for. Then I found Bach Flower Remedies very useful. My intention was to stretch the benefits of Pranic healing that I was doing once or twice a week. Both the crystals and Bach Flower remedies were appreciated by healees.

Jewelry and Energy Enhancers

Sometimes, while healing, I found it impossible clear up some congestion somewhere and balance the chakras. While healing women, I could by and large see the Jewelry they were wearing and would ask them to remove certain jewelry. At times, I would scan people when they put the jewelry back on and fine complete imbalance in the chakras.

With men, often what they wore remained hidden inside their shirt. I began to see men wore all kinds of crystals, jewelry, rudrakshas, “sacred threads”. Seeing everything piled up, it felt like a tree in a temple. In particular, people who had mental or emotional issues or not doing well financially, were likely to have gone for many such “holy solutions”. Many times, these objects had not only not solved their problems but also increased their discomfort. Many of those objects they wore were energetically dirty too. That is when I started looking at these “jewelry” and “energy enhancers” and their impact on the person’s health. Most people were willing to take off what I said they should not be wearing.

Over time, I began to suggest what I felt would be helpful to them. Sometimes, I made some bracelets with a combination of crystals to help heal people.

Seasons and Health

Many people came for healing with very chronic problems that would take months or even years to heal. I noticed that the problems people tended to have, had patterns that varied with the changes in the weather. According to books on Ayurveda that I had studied, this made sense. Our family, for over five generations, has been using some herbs and herbal supplements for most of our health problems. Therefore, I started to suggest some of these home remedies and herbs and people seemed to appreciate them a lot.

With these additional things, healing too worked better and relief stayed longer with people.

People often ask what kind of conditions can improve by these methods of healing. I would say the following changes occur:

  • Healing children: academic performance and attention improve; growth can be improved; emotional and mental issues can be healed.
  • Immunity improves; infections can be kept in check.
  • Energy levels that a person had ten years previously, can be regained.
  • Best possible health through ageing and chronic conditions can be maintained.
  • Complications from injuries, including surgery and accidents, can be minimized.
  • Side effects from modern medicines minimized.


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