Dowsing and Accurate Decision Making

Dowsing and Accurate Decision Making

Dowsing is widely used by many people and I think it might be to do with some intuition predominant personalities. You dowse because you have some intuition and your intuition increases as you go on dowsing, would be how I see it.:-)

What is Dowsing?

It is a method/ technique to arrive at a better decision, using your inner resources when you have choices that appear all equally good or the opposite. It is method of basing your decision and choices you make when there is a vast unknown OR tricky area in which you have to make your decision/ choice.

What can you learn in this one-hour (+ or -) learning experiment?

Over the years I have learnt that much (success) depends on how you phrase your questions, the steps you have to go through for arriving at a greater clarity and assumptions on which you do the dowsing. We can take up samples and do this with questions/doubts that you have.

My Assumptions

The traditional assumption behind dowsing is that your ‘conscious mind’ has many blocks imposed by values and beliefs that you have been brought up on. The conscious mind follows known patterns of thinking and behaviour. But your ‘sub-conscious’ mind is free from such block, constraints and compulsions and therefore, in dowsing, you tap your ‘sub-conscious’ mind for better decision-making.

My belief and assumption for dowsing are different and they are somewhat along these lines:

1. Your sub-conscious mind is a store-house of many experiences that you could have forgotten due to social, emotional or mental factors in your upbringing. One aspect of dowsing is try and get in touch with the wisdom of your own sub-conscious mind.

2. All of us have spirit guides (guardian angels) who are ready to help us and can be approached when you need to make a decision in an unknown area in an ‘original’ way.

3. The Akashic records that supposedly store “All Knowledge” should be available to us also for asking with sincerity and earnestness and for a beneficial end.

4. The bane of memory lapse can, to some degree, be overcome with this technique.

What equipment might you need?

If you have a pendulum, you can use that. Basically, anything long and somewhat heavy (like the gold or silver chain you wear) can be used. You can, like me, attempt dowsing without any equipment. Of course, you will need paper and pen/pencil to write down the choices and questions.

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