Crystal’s – Being’s of Beauty and Power

Crystal’s – Being’s of Beauty and Power

Crystals have been used from time immemorial as ornaments, energy and health issues. Physical health, mental issues and emotional challenges have all been sought to be addressed, traditionally, with crystals, particularly, by the indigenous peoples across the world. Carnelian, turquoise, amethyst and amber have been very familiar and widely used for long.

Women, especially, wore a variety of crystals, beads and bones as jewelry all over their bodies. They must have felt good, happy and energetic wearing and using those crystals. They must have helped the women carry on with their endless chores and functions of child bearing, nursing and rearing. Sailors carried some special crystals for protection. Crystals have also provided courage for people who went on daring missions.

The characteristics of crystals have been discovered, studied and recorded by sensitive persons. But now many books are available on the subject. My journey with crystals began with some very simple, inexpensive (they were given to me by a friend) raw crystals that I carried around in my pocket. They helped me carry through the day’s chores and work well. I began using small crystals to help improve my sleep. Discovering that they worked well, I began giving such crystals to others who needed, to help them sleep well.

Gradually I began to use spatika mala or clear quartz necklace and small rose quartz and amethyst pendants both for myself and others with good results. Now with growing interest in jewelry and very good crystals are available more easily.

Precious gems and semi-precious crystals

I distinguish the nine precious gems from the semi-precious crystals that I use. Gems are suggested by astrologers based on your horoscope. A good astrologer studies your horoscope (that is written up based on the accurate information about the time, date and place of your birth) and arrives at what is called your ‘ascendant’ through some calculations and suggests the correct gem for you. This is a serious matter and one can suffer physically and mentally, wearing a wrong gem.

The semi-precious crystals, on the other hand, are a great variety of color, luster and beauty. They can be equally or more effective as the precious gems for healing as they are more versatile. I have used a great variety of crystals for healing both myself and others to good effect. My understanding of crystals is also growing with such use.

As my understanding of the actual process of healing deepened, as I discovered how healing occurs, beginning with the latest symptom to the most deep-seated issues, I found a combination of crystals very useful in aiding that process.

Cleansing and Programming

All crystals have to be cleansed and programmed before use, to make their energy more refined, subtle and harmonious. Cleansing is essential to remove gross and diseased energies that would have got into it during handling from mining till the shop and before it comes to you. Proper programming can also protect the crystal from contamination by negative, imbalancing and diseased energies. Crystals are sensitive and can absorb negativity and a good cleansing and programming are essential to turn them into healing instruments.

Arriving at Bracelets

Gradually, I understood the effect of crystals worn on different parts of the body. Sometimes, in the case of very weak or elderly persons, simply placing a crystal in the aura seemed more appropriate. I have, sometimes, advised wearing of a crystal as a ring. Occasionally, I have made earrings or necklaces. But most of the time, I prefer to make healing bracelets. Bracelets can give healing energy that harmonizes with the wearer’s energy more easily. I often use a combination of crystals to help heal more than one issue in the person. This depends on what is the top priority in the person’s health at a given time. The combination makes the bracelet an ideal form of energizer – its energy is neither too meager nor overwhelming. I have found very good results for physical and mental as well as emotional issues. A combination of right crystals, appropriate jewelry and Pranic healing can achieve incredible wonders.


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