Corona virus is named so because of its shape. Any number of such viruses have come and gone in the past too. The SARS plague in Gujarat in 2002 was also caused by a corona virus. There is one called MERS that comes from the Middle East that is known to cause severe problems. This Covid-19 was called ‘Novel’ corona virus because it was a new variety not known to affect humans, until now. Now, it is no more novel.

Many wild animals are hosts to corona viruses. They may or may not be get sick by them. But when they cross over to humans, they can make us sic. This is the reason why eating wild animals like bats or pangolins were blamed at one point. The present virus has undergone many mutations (changes) and now there are many variations of it, some mild and some more severe. The variety prevalent in India was said to be a mild one by some virologists.

Viruses do not have a medicine. Measles and chicken pox are some that we are familiar with. Common cold is caused by a host of viruses, hence there is no cure for cold. Hence the joke, ‘if you take medicine cold goes away in a week, if you don’t take medicine, it takes a week to get rid of it.’

Because of the media hype (24/7 media and social media) there is widespread fear. Cold, cough, fever, diarrhea… any and every symptom is now said to be associated with corona. What this means is that when you have any of these symptoms, your body will have many germs. One of them may be corona. When any germs enter your body, your body produces antibodies to fight the germs. They may successfully eliminate the germs in the normal course. Now, because of the panic and health check drive, you undergo tests. When your body has antibodies or your soldiers fighting the germs, if you are tested, you will test positive in a test called ‘antigen’ test.


The current corona virus is said to be fairly large sized, by microbiology standards. When they take a sample from you and test it, sample is put through several extractions and a teeny extract, after a lot of fractioning is examined. The virus found at the end may also be dead. But yet, because it was found, you will be declared a ‘positive case’.


What we must remember is that allopathy is a very recent system of medicine and there is no remedy in that system for umpteen number of diseases. But Ayurveda has wonderful cures for all those symptoms listed under corona. In India, unlike in the Western countries, there are hardly any deaths due to flu or influenza. Apart from the scores of home remedies people know, there are very efficacious Ayurvedic medicines for cold, cough and fever or diarrhea. Childhood asthma is one other ailment that is declared incurable. I suffered from it for decades, and have now cured it with Pranic healing and Ayurveda. Ileac (a corner of our colon) diseases are dreaded and declared incurable in Allopathic system. But a system of proper diet, periodical fasts and laxative like castor oil that people regularly took we had never heard of ileac disease! Even the well-known IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) has easy cures in our system.

Therefore, cure the symptom with Ayurveda or Pranic healing, let some germs (corona or others) be. Our body can very well take care of it. There is no need to panic at all.


It is always good to keep our immunity up- whether by taking some food rich in Vitamin C or liver supplements, if need be. Take a little more of it in this season to keep all trouble at bay. Wear your mask while in company of others. Surely wash your hands with soap and maintain physical distance.


As of today, people over 50 or 60 (varies with the health worker) are said to require hospitalization and the rest may ‘quarantine’ themselves at home. If you read the papers carefully, people over 70, even 80 or 90 are coming out hospitals ‘cured’. There was even an instance of a 110 year old woman in Chitradurga who emerged ‘cured’. These old people may be thinking, “hay, what corona? Haven’t I seen enough of your kind in my life?”(When there is no ‘cure for corona’ what are they cured of, don’t dare ask.)

Whereas, according to official statistics, majority of people who are “succumbing” to corona are aged between 21 and 40. These are people who were admitted to hospitals with some active symptoms- cold, fever, breathing stress etc.  Medicines administered for corona patients are said to have no direct relation to the symptoms and are said to have very serious side effects on heart, lungs, not to mention depression and suicidal thoughts. Many people have committed suicide after getting discharged from the hospital. (The fat hospital bills could also be causing many afflictions)


These restrictions have affected lot of people mentally, especially, young people who are used to going out and engage in many activities. There is widespread depression and this affects the immune system serious. Fear, anxiety, anger and stress all lower our immune system. An extended (seemingly never ending) lockdown has affected mental health of many people.


This is again very questionable. If the virus is mutating so frequently, against which one is the vaccine expected to work? Many, if not most, of us, could be carriers and already developed a robust immunity against corona. But, vaccine would be another business and people will want to get it. Due to the pandemic of fear, there are extensive restrictions to entry in many officer. They require to have a ‘corona free’ certificate. This will also fuel the vaccination drive.


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