Corona virus is named so because of its shape. Any number of such viruses have come and gone in the past too. The SARS plague in Gujarat in 2002 was also caused by a corona virus. There is one called MERS that comes from the Middle East that is known to cause severe problems. This […]


Follow these traditional and time-tested practices to keep good health and avoid sickness. DOs: 1. Have Abhyanga every day or as frequently as possible: that is, take a few spoons of oil and a couple of spoons of salt and rub it all over your body; wait for about 10 minutes and bathe, as usual. Have breakfast […]

Let’s be healthy during monsoon through Ayurveda and the right diet

To begin with let us understand how Ayurveda works Eastern systems of health and medicine (of which Ayurveda is one) focus on prevention, early detection and nipping problems in the bud. When we look around, we see people going on two wheeler, jogging, running, walking and driving with no protective clothing like sweater or jacket, […]

Dowsing and Accurate Decision Making

Dowsing is widely used by many people and I think it might be to do with some intuition predominant personalities. You dowse because you have some intuition and your intuition increases as you go on dowsing, would be how I see it.:-) What is Dowsing? It is a method/ technique to arrive at a better […]

Liver supplements

Wanted to share some thoughts regarding effect of taking liver supplements and the timing for the same from my experience. Liver and Mind Liver is an important chemical factory that produces directly or indirectly some 500 chemicals including enzymes and vitamins. It is also known as the seat of intelligence and thinking, apart from anger. […]


I was sitting, totally preoccupied with an acute toothache, unable to think of anything else. It could have been either the tooth or the gum or both. That hour of the night is awful for toothache, if it appears. Suddenly, I decided to put on a ring on the little finger of that side. Instantly, the […]

CRYSTAL’S – Being’s of Beauty and Power

Crystals have been used from time immemorial as ornaments, energy and health issues. Physical health, mental issues and emotional challenges have all been sought to be addressed, traditionally, with crystals, particularly, by the indigenous peoples across the world. Carnelian, turquoise, amethyst and amber have been very familiar and widely used for long. Women, especially, wore […]

How to carry through in summer

Ayurveda defines two distinct periods of the year. One is the cooler (including cold) half of the year when your energy is higher, digestion is better and you can, generally do more work. This is the period when your health goes on the improvement mode. The other half is the warmer (hotter) part of the […]

Pranic Psychotherapy– How Does it Work?

There are two principles working in Pranic healing: That our body has an innate ability to heal itself; and The healer facilitates such healing by clearing the blocks in our energy body or aura and activating the chakras and giving energy where necessary and balancing the aura. Pranic psychotherapy is healing of psychological and emotional […]

Refined Cooking Oil-What Does it do to us?

You must have heard of ‘virgin oil’ that all health-conscious people talk about. Refined cooking oil is the exact opposite of virgin oil. Ayurveda says that our food should primarily be warm, sticky with some oil or fat. (usna, snigdha and sneha) Regular intake of good quality fat is very important for our health. Ayurveda […]